Ratings & Content Warnings

In order to avoid taking up space in reviews and such, here’s some key bits of information for said reviews.

Ratings on a scale of 1-10:
1 – I wasted a LOT money AND time on this.
2 – I wasted some money and time on this.
3 – Ugh, this could have been So Good.
4 – Not… awful?
5 – Decent – personal preferences dependent.
6 – Fun, I’d recommend getting it on sale though.
7 – Solid – worth the price of admission
8 – Good art, Good story, Good Voice Acting.
9 – This has very nearly killed me it got me in the feels so hard.
10 – I would buy this for every platform and import art books just to get my hands on more delicious tidbits of story.

Content Warnings:
Some of us love the Angst, some of us love the struggle, the screwed up We Know This is Bad in Reality Land, but we’re evil Fan Fic loving OC-terrorizing types.

Some of us aren’t. I get it. Content warnings will have explanations of things that might sit uneasy with some people. Fair warning though, I am fairly twisted, and sometimes I don’t pick up on subtle very well. I’ll do my best, and as I tend to play through a lot of these titles repeatedly, even someone dense like me should pick up on things after a while.

I recently pulled a friend into Otome’s and I’m actively reviewing things for her, so I imagine these warnings will be a lot more accurate than I’m giving myself credit for. But still, if you notice sometime, let me know. I’ll add it – spoiler or otherwise since I do both kinds of reviews – so that people have a heads up.