Amnesia: Memories (Spoiler-FILLED)

Amnesia Memories: Spoiler-Filled-Review!


You’ve been warned.

Don’t cry to me if you read this.

I’m not going to give a detailed play by play, but I’ll probably get close. I’ll try to avoid HUGE FEELS-FILLED moments, but you might be able to see them coming a mile away if you read this prior to playing the game.

I’m not heartless though, so the first section after this warning will be Short Summaries – What’s the guy’s personality like, Voice Actor, Big Triggery Things (if any), etc.

The section after the Short Summaries will be much more in-depth.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Short Version
Premise: You’ve lost your memory thanks to a spirit crashing into you. Orion is stuck with you until you unseal your memories, and you really Must Unseal your Memories. If you don’t Orion could be bound to you for a long time and you’ll slowly slip into a gibbering worthless coma – assuming you don’t DIE before then.

There are four worlds to choose from – you exist in all of them – Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond – and it’s recommended to play them in that order if you want the whole story – and to unlock its full conclusion in the Joker World.

The Cast:
Shin (Heart World) – Shin’s your BF in the Heart World, and he’s been your childhood friend long before that. He’s brash, blunt, and kind of a bastard at times – but he’s also protective, pragmatic, and possibly the sweetest one of them all. Trusting Shin has your best interests at heart is the key to navigating this world. There’s not any problematic parts to Shin’s story to speak of – though, as in all the worlds, the Bad Endings can be a bit Brutal.

Ikki (Spade World) – Ikki’s a real Lady’s Man. His eyes can cause girls to fall in love with him at a glance, and as such he’s got quite the fan club. A fan club with a pretty dark secret. You two are dating, but it’s hard to understand to what end when you first come into this particular world without your memories. Believe in what Ikki says when you’re both alone, and don’t give any weight to what he says or does when the fan club is around and you’ll navigate this world a lot more solidly. As long as you can slug through the first week of choices there’s nothing inherently bad about this route either. I started out rolling my eyes at Ikki, and ended the play through almost completely won over.

Kent (Club World) – Logic. Cold – Hard – Logic. Kent’s brain is MATH. Kent’s Heart is practically MATH too. He gets it legitimately from his parents, but it makes him mercilessly blunt when it comes to situations. It’s a little heart achy to think you two would probably have never had a chance of success without the incident of you losing your memory. Kent’s also the only route where your boyfriend finds out about Orion. It’s probably why, nearly neck and neck, Kent’s my favorite (next to Shin) -^_^-

Toma (Diamond World) – Toma is a tormented soul. I’ve grown to not actively Loathe his route, but it is problematic from Start to Finish. I’m curious about the extended interactions between him and the heroine, because in my opinion this guy better spend his LIFE making up for what happens in the 30 days of the game. He loves her to death – no, I mean this quite literally. Toma’s twisted psyche makes his world the second most perilous route in the game. The only “good” thing about this guy is he’s probably a total freak in bed. The key to navigating Toma’s world is to be overt in your feelings toward him – if you’re not bold his mind’s going go down some Dark !@#ing Roads.

Joker (Joker World) – I don’t want to give away too much about this option. I will say that it ties all the other world’s stories together neatly. You’ll run across this guy in the other worlds, and he is Creepy, and very dangerous. He’s dangerous because he’s tormented like Toma multiplied by 100. The most dangerous route with the tightest rope to walk, the best advice I have for this world is to be nice toward him, but gods and demons do NOT trust him. He doesn’t trust him.
Long Haul Review:
I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy Amnesia: Memories. It’s got a modern day setting and a lot of reviews complain about how “air headed” the heroine is. Though honestly if I’d forgotten so much I wasn’t sure of my OWN NAME I’d be a bit ditzy too. No default name means no one actually says her name, so feel free to change it to whatever you prefer.

Probably one of the best parts about this game is that when you pick the world you pick the guy, and since you’re basically playing over the same month over and over that’s a good thing. The relationships are established – WITHIN each world. Childhood friends in one world might be nothing but coworkers in another might be step-brothers in another world, etc. Your boss Waka changes personality in every world, which is a neat little touch. Most of the main cast’s personalities stay the same throughout the worlds, even if your relationships with them are a little different from world to world.

In Shin’s world you don’t know Kent and Ikki until your accident, but in Kent’s world you were friends with Ikki (through another friend) and met Kent through that. In Ikki’s world you’re coworkers with Ikki, but you don’t work together in any of the other worlds (except maybe the Joker’s world, I don’t remember off the top of my head.)

The little changes make big differences and make it a lot easier to basically replay the same 28-ish days over and over again. Not to mention Orion’s commentary is Hilarious – I’ve mentioned it in the Spoiler-free review, but Orion’s easily my favorite character. If he was an option to choose from (not necessarily a romance option, but like a best friends deal) I don’t think you could convince me choose any of the other guys. xD

Now for some big spoilers:
Orion’s boss is fulfilling a wish from the Joker world guy. Orion doesn’t KNOW that though, but the whole reason he crashed into you was because someone made it happen. Your True World is the Joker world – but at the same time I think your experiences in the other worlds set things right in those worlds before you finally get to set your own world “right”.

And Right is kind of a loose term here. Each of the worlds have a solid happy ending state, even the Joker world, but well… It doesn’t really break anything by saying as much, your happy ending for the Joker world wasn’t EVER meant to be. You’re basically giving Fate the biggest finger by the end of this game. But that revelation – everything pulling together from all the other worlds to the game’s true conclusion is done Really Well. Kudos to whoever thought up this mind fuck of a game, because it’s really insidious the second time through.

Closing Shop:
A Solid  7 – I think I’d rate this game higher if the other parts of it were out in the States. Amnesia Crowd and Amnesia Later will give you what this game leaves you craving – which is a Lot More Story. Amnesia: Memories paints a beautiful world, lays down an Amazing foundation, and fills it with beautiful art. Just as you start writing reams of fan fiction in your mind it’s wrapping up – then you learn there’s more out there.

The stories wrap up decently enough, but even with fairly definitive endings this left me wanting more – even concerning Toma. Or I should say Especially concerning Toma. He’d be licking my boots and bringing me tea for YEARS if I had my way.

Totally personal Pros and Cons:
Cons: It’s a rocky road. There’s a lot of uncomfortable bits – though most are tied closely to the story itself. There’s a reason for some of the squick and I’m okay with that. While Toma goes down a road I feel like requires a hard hat and an emergency escape plan, there’s still a why behind it all. Angst for angst’s sake without a reason behind it is lazy, so I’ll give credit where it’s due. That aside – I needed MORE.

Pros: I’m learning Japanese.


Okay, kidding aside – it’s wonderfully written. I can’t say how accurate the translation is, but the localization was done very well. I laughed, I gasped, I cried in a couple places. It reaches out and holds onto you. Not only were the personalities well-done, but their motivations were also fleshed out. There’s nothing hollow about any of the “whys” behind what they do or how they react.