Amnesia: Memories (Spoiler-Free)

Amnesia: Memories is 2nd or 3rd Otome I ever played – and the first one I played on Steam. (Which opened some impressive floodgates, Thanks Steam!). I don’t generally like Modern Setting games as a rule – but I really liked the intro video on Steam and the art was solid, so I figured I’d give it a try.

This was the first title I came across where there wasn’t really a “Common” route to speak of, and that the story stepped from one story to the next, building on each. I highly recommend playing this game in order (Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond, [Unlocked after you clear the other four] ).

Tipping the Scales:
On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Amnesia: Memories a 7. It’s a solid game – lots of CGs, plenty of options – Orion is HILARIOUS, and I love him. Out of 5 routes though, only 3 are “safe” and 2 are unsettling.

There’s a robot that follows you around in the last two routes and just flashes red going “Danger! Danger!” I kid – there’s no robot, but if you’re willing to forgive the unsettling nature of the last two routes it is a Good Game.

(A solid walk-through for this game can be found Here )

The Short of It:
As the name suggests you remember nothing. The intro gives you an interesting reason behind WHY you don’t remember anything, and it also hints at the reason behind why you really do need to play all the world to get the “True” story. Basically Orion doesn’t know where you actually belong, and you don’t remember. All the yous are you, so you’re not intruding on someone else’s life regardless of which world you choose.

The only things you really remember are basic social, language, and functional skills. You don’t remember Anyone at all, and can’t even recall your job, study major, place of residence, etc. Fortunately, in most of the worlds, you got good people looking out for you.

The LONG of It:
The long of it is this is kind of a short game. There’s plenty to do, and a LOT of story, but comparatively it’s one of the shorter titles I’ve played through. I found that playing through the story lines a second time actually brought a lot of small details to the forefront and helped me enjoy the characters more.

Even Toma.

If not for Toma and the locked Route I’d honestly give this an 8 or 9. But in both cases I’m not convinced that the actions had proper motivations behind them. I was left with a feeling that things were done more for shock than for legitimate reasoning. I would’ve been more okay with Toma if there was some explanation about his twisted nature – and if the ending had included him getting counseling. But that might be my age showing more than anything else.

19 year old me would’ve put up with Toma’s shit – 36 year old me might have actually shot him in the foot and gone to the police by the 3rd day. So considering the protagonist is canonically 19-21 in this game I suppose her reaction toward him makes more sense. I just would’ve preferred more meat to his story/reasons.

The hidden route was worth it if only how it managed to bring the Entire Game together story-wise. It answered pretty much everything, and while it was like walking a tightrope to get from one end of the route to the other, it was well-done. That said, standing up to that different kind of madness and the violence could be an issue for some people. So tread carefully. If you don’t do the last two routes I think you can walk away from the game having enjoyed a good few stories.

Something to brace for – but is that really neat – is the relationships between the main cast are different in every world. Some bits stay relatively similar. Kent and Ikki are always buddies, Toma and Shin are mixed up in some way, but how they all relate to the Protagonist shifts. Shin might be a childhood friend in one, and Toma’s brother in another – that sort of thing.

A good job was done in all cases, and the story is easy to follow. I might continually rag on Toma and RAGE about the final route, but I go back and let this play on auto from time to time because it is a good story and it’s neat to watch it almost like an anime. (I only really need a guide for Kent’s route, there’s a Bleeping-QUIZ at one point.)

Content Warnings:
The protagonist is a bit air-headed and walks into danger easily – but when you can’t remember a bloody thing this makes sense.
Shin can be a bit pushy, Ikki’s a player until you get the truth of his situation, Kent’s just adorable, if not blunt AF.

The real content warnings come with Toma, and the unlocked route. Toma makes a lot of REALLY disconcerting decisions – which are exacerbated by your predicament because you’ve no idea why certain things are happening. It is dark and angsty and Toma probably needs professional help for some of his demons – while I got my own kind of enjoyment out of it – without spoiling anything I don’t recommend it if you have a hard time with what’s basically an abusive relationship.

The unlocked route is just violence and death and Literal. Insanity. And I am SO MAD that this dude’s !@$^ing WISH puts you through some serious stuff. I wanted to punch him by the end of it.

Totally personal Pros and Cons:
Cons: Toma’s route makes me uncomfortable. I really have to be in a mood to sink into that level of darkness, and I was not when I played it. The localization could’ve been a bit better too. There’s a few instances where my choices didn’t really seem to match the conversation at the time.

Pros: Orion. Is. Too. Awesome. His commentary during the story lines made me laugh out loud legitimately on several occasions. Ikki surprised me as a much deeper character than I was expecting. Kent ending up being so adorable I just wanted to hug him. And Shin ended up with a place in my heart I hadn’t been expecting. I didn’t like him much at first, but the more I revisited the game the more I picked up on the subtle things that just make him spiffy.



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